Real Siberian Mushrooms
We deliver fresh, frozen, or dry mushrooms from Siberian Taiga

About Us

GRASS LLC deals with air delivery of fresh mushrooms (chanterelles and porcini mushrooms), as well as frozen and dried mushrooms, to the food market of European countries.

The company picks wild mushrooms in the endless reaches of the Siberian taiga, away from highways and industrial facilities. The quality and freshness of products are the key criteria in the work of GRASS LLC, which is why the company uses air transportation as the main method of product delivery. The company's specialists guide customers through all stages and peculiarities of delivery.

The manufacturer has been active in the food industry since 2009.

We offer wholesale deliveries of mushrooms grown in the vastness of Siberian forests, far from the smog and dust of cities and roads.

Fresh, dried, and frozen mushrooms: chanterelles and porcini.

GRASS will deliver mushrooms in bulk to your restaurant, café, and grocery store or to the food and organic food production plant. Delivery of mushrooms from Siberia is carried out in time and with all necessary documentation, quality passport, and declaration of conformity.

The company's representatives will handle in the shortest possible time any issues related to logistics and documentary support of deliveries to the customer's address.

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Just make the order - we solve all logistics and documentary issues.
The originals of the following documents are sent along with the goods:

  • International Waybill transport (depending on the chosen vehicle);
  • Invoice and packing list for each vehicle;
  • Phytosanitary certificate in 1 copy;
  • Certificate for the import into the EU of food and feed, version according to the new regulation dd. 05.08.2020.
All documents are submitted in English.
Packing information:

  • Veneer box (net weight) 3 - 3,5 kg;
  • 12 rows with 8 veneer boxes per row on a wooden pallet.
Transport packing:

  • Veneer box (500*280*300*115 mm);
  • Wooden pallet (1200*1000*145 mm — standard);
  • Cardboard angles (4 pcs./pallet);
  • Wrapping paper (perforated Kraft paper);
  • Polypropylene tape (at least 3 wraps/pallet);
  • Free from any signs of mold;
  • Fumigated (veneer box blue fumigation — stamp on 2-3 sides of the box; wooden pallet — fumigation stamp burned on 2 or 3 sides of the pallet).
Information marked on each packing unit:

  • Veneer box: box number, net, and gross weight;
  • Wooden pallet: pallet number, net, and gross weight.
Advantages of mushrooms from GRASS LLC:
High nutritional value, rich vitamin and mineral composition.
Ecological uniqueness of wild mushrooms from pristine Siberian taiga.
The product’s freshness due to the shortest delivery time by air.
Mushrooms are packed in eco-friendly wooden boxes, which extends the freshness of the product, provides air access, prevents additional odors and flavors.
ICC Germany Magazine about Grass LLC

ICC Germany Magazine has published a banner about the Grass LLC on November 7th, 2021.

Topics of the magazine are foreign trade, trade finance, digitalization, legislation and compliance, sustainable development/climate protection, and commercial dispute resolution.

Target audience: the magazine publishes twice a year (May and November) and reaches about 9,000 people in print and another 5,000 subscribers online. These include representatives of the Federal Government and the Bundestag, members of supervisory boards, and those responsible for foreign trade and customs.

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